The E.P.I. Vision

E.P.I. aims to offset the cost of purchasing eyeglasses by collecting used eyewear (glasses and sports goggles) and redistributing them to Long Island neighbors. 

What are E.P.I.'s goals?

1.  E.P.I. hopes to relieve some financial burdens for Long Island families. 

2.  By providing "new" eyeglasses, E.P.I. hopes that children will find it easier to read blackboards and their textbooks which may lead to more involvement in the classroom and better success in school.

3.  For adults who struggle to work because they cannot see clearly, E.P.I. hopes that these “new" eyeglasses will improve their work ethics and confidence. 

4.  Eventually, E.P.I. hopes to expand across Long Island by setting up chapters in public libraries, schools, etc.

How can you help?

You can:

  • setup a chapter at your school, library, or other public facility

  • hold fundraisers for E.P.I.

  • and so much more