First E.P.I. Distribution Event

At St. Hugh's of Lincoln R.C. Church in Huntington Station, E.P.I. volunteers provided eyeglass frames to over 50 families in need. That's over $5,000 collectively saved for these families!

E.P.I. would like to thank Monsignor Joe Granata for allowing the organization to host the distribution event at his Parish.

As well, E.P.I. would like to thank Ms. Deborah Willems of Huntington Eye Care for providing free eyeglass care packages and informational literature.

Last, but not least, special thanks to our dedicated volunteers: Malena Farber of Northport, Zannia Ojibe of South Huntington, Zenab Ojibe of South Huntington, and Nicole Rowe of Huntington for their continuous hard work and support. Today's success could have never been possible without them.

#distribution #sthugh

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