E.P.I. Distribution at Brentwood

With the sun out E.P.I. volunteers were ready to give back to the community! E.P.I. held a distribution event at St. Lukes in Brentwood, NY providing over 175 free eyeglass frames. E.P.I. collectively saved the parishioners an estimated $17,500 (based on average retail price of $100 per frame)

E.P.I would first like to thank Father Cristobal Martin for his unconditional support by opening his parish and allowing E.P.I. to hold this event.

Special thanks also goes out to our amazing volunteers: Zenab Ojibe of South Huntington, Zannia Ojibe of South Huntington, Estabon Lopez of Melville, Kathleen Dugan of Huntington and Malena Farber of Northport. Their bi-lingual assistance was pivotal for the success of this event.

#distribution #stluke #brentwood

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