E.P.I. Provides Sports Goggles to 5 Kids

This morning, E.P.I. provided sports goggles to five young Hicksville soccer players. These young athletes will now be able to see better on the field thanks to E.P.I.'s latest program: Safety in Sports.

Through this program, E.P.I. works with local sports clubs and opticals to offer low-income athletes the opportunity to attain sports goggles.

Eyesight is important. That is why sports goggles are just as essential as concussion bands or shin guards. Yet, many parents fail to recognize the need to protect their children's eyes.

E.P.I. does not want to see children give up sports because they cannot safely play on the field or court. Sports are important to a child's physical, emotional, and social development.

Thanks to Optix Family Eye Care's generous donation of sports goggles, prescription lenses, and eye exams, E.P.I. is combatting this prevalent issue.

Below are thank you letters written by some of the children helped.

E.P.I. also thanks Dr. Joel Kestenbaum and Mrs. Peggy Kessler for donating 82 new eyeglasses and 20 used eyeglasses to the Vision.

Below are photos of this morning's event at Optix Family Eye Care in Plainview.

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